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Herbal preparation for everyday supply of natural vitamins, minerals and trace elements. More information

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Vitamin-mineral herbal preparation

  • everyday supply of natural vitamins and minerals
  • improves metabolism
  • optimizes internal organ function

 100% herbal food supplement suitable for everyday administration to your dog. Its composition offers the organism a high content of natural minerals, vitamins and trace elements that your dog needs to keep in excellent form.

The content substances are easily accepted by animal organism and they efficiently balance deficit of nutritional substances necessary for the organism health all year long. 

The herbs contented in this mixture, like for example spirulina (freshwater algae with high content of chlorophyll, vitamins and minerals) improve metabolism, optimize the function of internal organs and naturally contribute to your dog’s permanent health and vitality. No side effects.

dogs up to 10 kg of weight 1 cup a day
11 – 20 kg  1.5  cups a day
21 – 35 kg 2 cups a day
36 – 50 kg 3 cups a day
1 cup (supplied) = approx 3 g


Mix the daily dose thoroughly into the basic fodder. If you feed more times a day, it is better to divide the daily dose. Dosage may be increased in acute disorders.

Shelf life 36 months
Store in temperature below 25°C.