Tips: Why use a vaulting vest?


protection for you support for your dog

4 tips why use a vaulting vest:

  • No more scratches!
  • Keeps the dog from slipping
  • Only when YOU feel safe, you're able to give the dog the necessary SUPPORT
  • You´ll be profi chic

Dogfrisbee is a sport like any other, and your four-legged athlete needs to be in shape and have a good foundation in order to jump in the sky. The vaulting vest will support his safe flight. Because without vaulting vests, it often happens, often unknowingly, that in anticipation of a scratch, the player stiffens or even ducks his dog, and then the dog can't bounce properly. He loses confidence and doesn´t go fully into it. He feels insecure from the player.

A good jump is revealed by a good LANDING. Yes, if the vault was correctly done, you can see and analyze from the end - that is, from the landing of the dog. The correct vault is a jump with a landing on all four or front legs and the dog can continue to move smoothly after it.

And if the dog lands nice and safely, it mainly depends on his TAKE OFF. The vaulting vest keeps the dog from slipping and gives him the required advanced support.

We recommend using a vaulting vest especially when you start to teach vaults and rebounds off your body. Only when you wear a vaulting vest, you´ll feel safer and you can be a good springboard for your mate. Plus, you'll be chic :)

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