Tips: Dogfrisbee in winter


cislo1.png   CzechBlack Neo all-weather disc

The CzechBlack Neo soft disc has proven itself for rewards, motivation and shorter casts in any weather. It won't crack even in the hardest of frosts.

cislo2.png   Don't leave your discs out in the cold

Classic discs are made of plastic and plastic reacts to temperature. In winter they harden, in summer they soften. So don't expose them to extreme temperatures, don't leave them in the cold or in the sun for long periods in the car after training...

A frozen disc is more fragile. For example, a frozen Fastback can even crack in a sudden impact. Try warming up the disc for a while before throwing it under your jacket. You probably can't do it with a whole freestyle set, but with one or two discs it shouldn't be a problem. It will be more comfortable also for the dog.

cislo3.png   Durable discs are more durable also in the winter

Durable discs made of softer plastic are better for winter fun. The durable discs are a little heavier, but they are more elastic and therefore not as prone to breaking in the cold. They are also more stable in the wind. We recommend trying SuperStar, SuperHero or SuperSwirl, for small dogs Atom or Puppy bite.

cislo4.png   You can throw with gloves on

Have you tried it? Mittens are not recommended, finger mitts are better. We don't do so well in them either. But for example in Russia, where they often have winter, it is quite common for them to play dogfrisbee with gloves. Sometimes they even use it in the summer.


Training in winter has its own specifics. Warming up and after practice is even more important than in the heat.

We give our dogs a short frisbee break in the winter. We focus on fitness, balance exercises and practice new tricks at home.

But playing in the fresh powder for a while has a huge charm!




Julia Grigorenko lives in Moscow and has been fully dedicated to dog frisbee and its enlightenment for more than 10 years. She is one of the founders of the DiscHunters club, where she also trains and organizes competitions.






Everyone knows that it´s cold in Russia. Julia knows best how to play dogfrisbee when it´s freezing. We asked her what she would advise from her experience.

I was wondering if you could tell us what you think is the most specific or different for discdog world in Russia and if you´d have some tips?

First of all, it's the temperature. In severe frost, in my opinion, you should not give the dog a very large load, as it will intensively inhale very cold air (I probably just get too cold myself).

Related to temperature - often dogs train in winter in clothes in order not to freeze. Clothing to one degree or another can restrict movement, so you should be careful when setting tasks for the dog, if it is not too cold, it is better to train the dog without clothes, but be sure to dress them between training sessions.

In winter (actually, like in summer, but more), you need to monitor the surface on which you are going to play disc. Well-trodden snow is the best, but without trodden roll, ice crust, and without ice.

And of course!! most discs become too stiff at low temperatures (in my opinion). In order to avoid possible problems with the dog's teeth, I recommend playing in cold weather only with soft discs or semi-soft discs.

Leave behind the scenes the fact that my hands are just terribly cold in winter times…

I've seen a lot of Russian players use gloves even in the summer. Is it that they are so used to it from winter or because it's not slipping?

I can say to myself - I always throw a disc with gloves on, because this way it really slips less, besides, the dogs slobber the disc, and also because I give a treat in gloves.

Ok, great thank you for all your answers!

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