Tips: Disc dog basics


cislo1.pngSTART WITH 2 DISCS

When you play with more discs, you have always another disc to motivation by you. For the dog is then easy to come back to you, continue in the game, and let the first disc go.

cislo2.pngTAKE it THEN CATCH it

Motivate your dog to take the disc from your hand at first. Encourage him to bite it while dragging the disc on the ground upside down. Reward each attempt to get it. Play tug of war. Taking it from your hand will help the dog connects the game with you.


In the beginning, never throw directly to his face. You don´t want to frighten him with the disc. Don´t push the disc into his mouth. Encourage his prey-drive by throwing the disc away.

cislo4.pngKEEP IT SHORT

It´s better to have multiple short workouts than one long session. Play for fun and relaxed, stop before your dog gets tired. He will be all the more looking forward to the next game.