How to choose a vaulting vest?


The vest should wrap around your body as snugly as possible. This will keep it from slipping much when your dog rebounds off you with its paws. But don’t overdo it. It’s important for your vest to be comfortable so you can breathe easily.

The most important dimension for choosing a vest is C (around your hips).

   size_ST.jpg   size_vest_cm.JPG  size_vest_inches.JPG

Expect an EASY vest to be a somewhat more elastic than a STANDARD vest. The material stretches a bit more.

Make your selection based on the dimensions in the table. Sizes may vary slightly from those commonly used. Be sure to check espacially the size S. It is realy quite small.

If possible, try on a vest in person. You can arrange it at any disc dog event. Either contact us directly (write or call in advance), or ask any disc dog player outside of the Czech Republic. At freestyle competitions, you will definitely find some helpful players with Czech Black disc dog vests who will lend you one to try on.      rady-a-tipy.jpg

If you discover that the size you chose does not fit, you can exchange it. And you will only pay for shipping.

If you do send your vest back, we ask that you pack it properly. Folding the vest lengthwise will make creases in the neoprene that will still be visible later. In practice, these creases do not matter, and a used vest will have them anyway after having been packed in a backpack for the first time. Creases do not affect the function of the vest at all, but we still ask that you repack the vest the same way it was originally packed.


Vest EASY  

The Vest EASY is reinforced on the back with anti-slip neoprene. The front parts of the vest are made of a single layer of neoprene. 
It allows players full range of motion. Players will appreciate the absolute freedom of movement 


The Vest STANDARD is reinforced on the back and front with anti-slip neoprene. 
It is ideal for competitors with fierce dogs.


The Vest is reinforced on the back and front with anti-slip neoprene and has also a collar. It is ideal for competitors with fierce dogs and for tricks when you need to have covered neck.


Choose your color:                                                                                                                     

black.jpg Black  

blue.jpg Blue

green.jpg Green

limet.jpg Limet

magenta.jpg Magenta

orang.jpg Yellow

red.jpg Red

violet.jpg Violet 

white.jpg White (only for the custom made vests)


Material: from USA, Made in Czech Republic ©

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