How to choose a disc?


Would you like to give disc dog a try, but you aren’t sure whether you will enjoy it?

First try one of the discs from the  JUST FOR FUN category. 


Our soft Neo Czech Black discs are perfect for puppies and dogs that are beginners. They float, and all dogs just love them. They are also perfect for playing tug-of-war. Owners of experienced disc dogs also use them as a reward and for motivation. And they are incredibly durable!

Other safe, proven rubber and plastic discs in this category are made by the company Trixie.


Are you looking for discs that fly great?

Choose one from the COMPETITIVE category.

The discs here differ from others mainly in terms of their durability.


Are you looking for discs that last as long as possible?

As the name suggests, choose a disc from the DURABLE category, or ideally one of the discs that is also in the COMPETITIVE category. We can guarantee that those will fly great as well. No disc lasts forever, of course. These discs are made for playing disc dog and not for use as a chew toy.

Do you have a small dog? 

Choose from among the discs in the SMALL category. Discs measuring 17 cm or less are usually just for puppies or very small dogs. If you are planning to go to a competition with a dog with a shoulder height of up to 38 cm, you don’t have to choose a disc from the COMPETITIVE category. A dog under 38 cm can play with any type of disc even at competitions.

Don’t forget to check your disc.
No disc lasts forever. Some kinds of durable discs can take a beating, but they are not indestructible.


You need to try out what kind of disc will be right for you and your dog.