FAQ discs

Will my dog chew it up?

Dog disks are made of a special plastic that is resistant to dog teeth, and especially our discs in the DURABLE category can withstand a lot, but there are limits. The discs are for playing games, and not for use as a chew toy.

Will my dog play fetch with it?

Yes, but.... Some dogs are instinctive retrievers, while others have to be taught, but any dog can learn to play fetch. Most playful dogs love our discs, and it’s just a matter of a few training sessions for them to understand that if they want you to toss it to them, they have to bring it to you first.

Aren’t the discs too hard for a dog’s teeth?

No, but dog discs really have to be made of special plastic that will not harm dogs’ teeth.

How can I tell if a disc is safe?

Here is a tip for telling if a disc is safe for a dog:

- you can bend the disc in half, and it does not break.

DSC_5484.jpg  disk1.jpg         

You can stomp on it, and the disc does not crack. Go ahead and try it. It takes some force, but you should be able to do it with any real dog disc, unless it is frozen.