CzechBlack challenge

Kopie_navrhu_Kopie_navrhu_banner_CB_hriste_(1).pngWe prepared the CzechBlack challenge to stay connected with you during these difficult covid times. We hope that it will inspire you and encourage you to train.

All tricks have more levels, so no matter if you just started playing discs or you´re a pro. You´re welcome to join.

Stay safe and have fun with your dogs.

Michaela Androva with Kim and Džus

1 - Butterfyl


2 - Multiple


3 - Variations for rollers


4 - Kicks

5 – Retrieval skill trick


6 - Back stall, combination and variations for Vault & Multiple


7 - Tricks with discs

8 - Disc handling

How many discs are you able to hold in one hand?


9 - Disc handling

How many discs can your dog hold?