What do our fantastic users say?

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  • “I’ve had the Czechblack vest for going on 4 seasons and it has held up great! Extremely flexible, most times I don’t even know I have it on. Mindy gets great traction and she never slips. It doesn’t ride up and protects my lower back. It’s a great product,”

Chris Mashburn (USA)

  • “I use my vest since 2014. And honestly, I don’t remember how my training and routines on competition looked like without it! It is very light, good quality and is very good looking too (and it IS important! ). I am simply in love!! In my opinion, the biggest advantage of CzechBlack vest is that it stays in place while bending, squatting, running and doing crazy frisbee stuff with my dog. What can I say: two of my students already have their own vaulting vests- they love them as well! After 3 years of using my vest now, I am thinking about buying another one- JUST because I would like to have another color. ;) NOTHING more”

Ania Radomska (Poland)

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  • “I'm playing dog frisbee for 3 years and I've tried a couple of vests of different companies. I have to say Czech Black is the best vest I've tried. Protect the handler perfectly from skin marks and scratches, and helps wonderfully the dog to jump easier to volts.” 

Tzahi Melamed (Israel)

  • “I have been wearing a vaulting vest since the late 1980’s and I have grown very particular with what I will wear in competition, due to its impact on my ability to perform. During this time I have only competed in three vaulting vests. The most recent being the Czech Black vest. I have bought several additional vests during this time, but I was not comfortable using them when a title or a Q spot was on the line. A lot of thought has gone into the Czech Black vest. From the overall cut, the lower back extension, double layered non-slip back, lay-flat heavy duty zipper, clean seams, and the over fit and finish. This vest fits like a second skin and that is what I am always looking for.

        This is a vaulting vest made by Frisbee dog competitors for Frisbee dog competitors!

Chuck Middleton (USA)

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