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Animal balm Show more Animal balm A unique helper for regular treatment of dogs' paws from the damaging effects of salt in winter, including healing of postoperative wounds and various inflammatory deposits on the skin of animals (dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, etc.). from 10.80
Cool down Show more Cool down Tranquilizing herbal preparation, calms and strengthens the central nervous system, improves overall resistance against stress situations, contributes to better animal trainability and submissiveness. from 14.40
Digestive mix Show more Digestive mix Herbal preparation for healthy digestive system prevents digestive system from inflammation and acts as detoxicant. from 14.40
Dog detoxication cure Show more Dog detoxication cure Herbal detoxication preparation suitable after poisoning, after treatment with synthetic preparations or after a procedure under anaesthesia. from 14.40
FitDog Energy + Rehydrate Show more FitDog Energy + Rehydrate The product is used for rehydration and to supplement the energy level of the dog BEFORE and DURING exercise. from 17.10
FitDog Recovery Show more FitDog Recovery The product is used AFTER intensive exercise to ensure the recovery and to complement the energy and vitamin levels of the dog’s body. from 17.10
Lachs oil 1L Show more  In stock Lachs oil 1L 1 liter - cold-pressed salmon oil, high content of omega 3 fatty acids 11.60
Lachs oil Purity 300 ml Show more  In stock Lachs oil Purity 300 ml Cold-pressed salmon oil from Norwegian salmon • high content of omega 3 fatty acids, anti-inflammatory, strengthen vascular system and brain activity, affect reproduction • Increases concentration • improves hair quality … 7.10
Mobility Show more Recommended Mobility Herbal preparation for healthy locomotive organs of active dogs recommendable for problems with joints, ligaments, tendons, lack of synovia, recovery from an injury and for development of muscular matter. from 14.40
Shaker Show more  In stock Shaker Bottle for mixing the powders. 5.00
Top shine coat Show more Top shine coat Herbal preparation for healthy skin and shiny coat, supports metabolism, improves coat exchange process. from 14.40
Vitamineral Show more Vitamineral Herbal preparation for everyday supply of natural vitamins, minerals and trace elements. from 14.40