Sun & Water

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CzechBlack NEO Show more CzechBlack NEO Soft disc ideal for motivation, sensitive dogs and fun in the water. 4FL = It´s flying, floating, floppy, flexible and unbelievably durable. 22 cm 8.30
CzechBlack Supik Show more CzechBlack Supik Waterlight bag 5l You have your valuables dry and safe. Ideal for paddleboard or water. Also suitable as a travel bag for granules or toiletries. 16.50
Life vest Show more Recommended Life vest for dogs for swimming or to be used on a boat, robust grab handle, full freedom of movement from 54.00
Neoprene skirt KIMI CzechBlack Show more Neoprene skirt KIMI CzechBlack Designed primarily for SUP, but certainly appreciate it in other activities around the water. 47.90
Paddle Carbon Guide Show more  In stock Paddle Carbon Guide Velmi kvalitní, ale lehké třídílné pádlo, kombinace karbonu a plastu 97.90
Paddleboard Hyper 11,6 Show more  In stock Paddleboard Hyper 11,6 Perfect for a LADY and dog. Double chamber, very fast but easy to keep balance, even if you are a first-time SUPer. 531.30
Paddleboard Hyper 12,6 Show more  Unavailable Paddleboard Hyper 12,6 Perfect for a MAN and dog. Double chamber, very fast but easy to keep balance, even if you are a first-time SUPer. 562.10
Paddleboard SuperTrip Show more  Unavailable Paddleboard SuperTrip These models enable you to share the experience of stand up paddling with a loved one, kid, pets or your best friend. 537.10
SUN Bend CzechBlack Show more SUN Bend CzechBlack 3/4 pants for ladies for all kinds of sports, very elastic, and perfectly comfortable. 27.50
SUN Dress CzechBlack Show more SUN Dress CzechBlack Dress for all kinds of sports made of functional material with UV protection combines style and function. 31.90
SUN Shorts CzechBlack Show more SUN Shorts CzechBlack Shorts for all kinds of sports, very elastic and perfectly comfortable 22.70
Waterproof your Phone Show more Waterproof your Phone Talk and hear without a problem. Get great photos and videos. from 25.00