Human gear

Vault vest STANDARD Show more Vault vest STANDARD Anti-slip neoprene is on the back and front. It is ideal for competitors with fierce dogs. from 74.60
Vault vest EASY Show more Vault vest EASY Anti-slip neoprene on the back.  The front parts of the vest are made of a single layer of neoprene.  Competitors will appreciate the absolute freedom of movement.  from 64.60
Training trousers TT Show more Training trousers TT These elastic pants have a rebound surface reinforced with non-slip neoprene on the front and sides of the thigh.  They are perfect for training dog catches and vaults, protect the player from scratches. from 60.40
Wrap 1 - TIGHT Show more  In stock Wrap 1 - TIGHT The Tight wrap is reinforced with anti-slip neoprene. It is fastened with velcro. Size is universal. 16.30
Wrap 2 - SHANK Show more  In stock Wrap 2 - SHANK Reinforced with anti-slip neoprene.  It is fastened with velcro. Size: universal 14.60
Wrap 3 - ARM Show more  In stock Wrap 3 - ARM The Tight wrap is reinforced with anti-slip neoprene. It is fastened with velcro. Size: universal 14.60

Vault vests and protective wraps 
Development based on our own experiences over the years together with the best dogfrisbee teams in Europe and USA. 
Material: from USA, Made in Czech Republic © 

Combination of thin elastic material with a layer of anti-slip material 
Ideally proportioned to allow competitors full range of motion while protecting them from scratches.
Our priority: unlimited motion in action – neoprene like an extra layer of skin. 

CzechBlack vests are used by the best competitors all around the world. 
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- many options of colors 
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