Herbal products

100% herbal food supplement suitable for everyday administration to your dog. 
dogs up to 10 kg of weight 1 cup a day 
bylinky_sada.jpg, 7,7kB11 – 20 kg 1.5 cups a day 
21 – 35 kg 2 cups a day 
36 – 50 kg 3 cups a day 
1 cup (supplied) = approx 3 g 
Store in temperature below 25°C. 
Mix the daily dose thoroughly into the basic fodder. If you feed more times a day, it is better to divide the daily dose. Dosage may be increased in acute disorders. No side effects.

Cool down Show more Cool down Tranquilizing herbal preparation, calms and strengthens the central nervous system, improves overall resistance against stress situations, contributes to better animal trainability and submissiveness. from 14.40
Digestive mix Show more Digestive mix Herbal preparation for healthy digestive system prevents digestive system from inflammation and acts as detoxicant. from 14.40
Dog detoxication cure Show more Dog detoxication cure Herbal detoxication preparation suitable after poisoning, after treatment with synthetic preparations or after a procedure under anaesthesia. from 14.40
Mobility Show more Recommended Mobility Herbal preparation for healthy locomotive organs of active dogs recommendable for problems with joints, ligaments, tendons, lack of synovia, recovery from an injury and for development of muscular matter. from 14.40
Top shine coat Show more Top shine coat Herbal preparation for healthy skin and shiny coat, supports metabolism, improves coat exchange process. from 14.40
Vitamineral Show more Vitamineral Herbal preparation for everyday supply of natural vitamins, minerals and trace elements. from 14.40