Happy New Year SET NEO CzechBlack Mini 17 cm

Happy New Year Neo SET (mini)
  • Happy New Year Neo SET (mini)
  • Happy New Year Neo SET (standard)

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 Limited edition! 

Choose of the variants: 

Standard (discs 22 cm) or Mini (discs 17 cm) 


Happy New Year Neo SET includes:

- 2 pc Neo CzechBlack with Happy New Year

- Bag Light



The Neo CzechBlack flying disc is perfect for use when playing with dogs.

It has been tested by professional disc dog players in Europe and the USA.


We have succeeded in combining special materials that make the disc soft and flexible, but that is also durable. It floats, so it is also perfect for playing in the water. It will not break in the winter in freezing temperatures. You can put it in your pocket. The disc can be tossed reliably to distances of 10 to 20 meters.


It is used with success both by beginners and by experienced competitors. It is also suitable for tug-of-war, which is helpful as motivation and a reward. This way, you develop your dog’s predatory instincts, which are important for catching flying discs. It is also used as a motivational toy for other dog sports.


The disc is pleasantly soft, so even dogs or puppies with sensitive mouths will have no problem biting it. It is very light, and it is 100% safe for dogs and people.


Dogs love it!

10 out of 10 dogs would recommend the disc Neo CzechBlack.


The disc is not intended as a chew toy, but rather as a reliable toy for playing with people. We hope you have lots of fun.

Color: black with Happy New Year printing

Standard: 22 cm, 95 g/  Mini: 17 cm, 75 g




Happy New Year Neo SET (standard)