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You can ask us anything about disc dog. We would also like to hear your opinions and comments. Please write to us.


Our name is Andr and everybody in our family grew up around dogs.

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Our story with disc dog began in 2006.

Back then we tossed our first disc to our border collie Arnika, and she was so excited that thanks to her, we all quickly became disc dog fans. In those days, none of us knew almost anything about disc dog, so we started looking on line, or we just made it up as we went. We took trips to gather experience at contests and seminars around Europe, mostly to Germany, the Netherlands, and Poland, where the sport had already progressed quite far.

Since then we have had a succession of four dogs. All of them love to play disc dog, and we spend most of our free time with them. Over those twelve plus years, disc dog has gone a long way not only abroad, but also in the Czech Republic. As players, coaches, and referees, we travel all around Europe, the USA, Japan, and China. We put the experience we gather to use in our products.

We created the Czech Black brand, and we specialize in products for active dogs and their owners, focusing mainly on disc dog.

Our e-shop offers goods that we make ourselves under the brand name Czech Black for our customers or for our own use, but you will also find products of other brands that we have tried out personally, are satisfied with, and can highly recommend.


Yvona Andrová (mama) takes care of everything to do with the e-shop.



+420/604 342 354

Michaela Andrová (daughter) gives training sessions and enjoys giving advice about disc dog for fun and training.



+420/ 739 419 630 

Our whole family, but mainly Jirka (husband and dad) and Stepan (son and brother) provides support and skilled assistance.