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CzechBlack Vault vest STANDARD Show more CzechBlack Vault vest STANDARD Anti-slip neoprene is on the back and front. It is ideal for competitors with fierce dogs. from 74.60
CzechBlack Training trousers TT Show more CzechBlack Training trousers TT These elastic pants have a rebound surface reinforced with non-slip neoprene on the front and sides of the thigh.  They are perfect for training dog catches and vaults, protect the player from scratches. from 60.40
CzechBlack SET NEO Standard 2pc Show more Recommended Akce CzechBlack SET NEO Standard 2pc 1 set = 2 discs Neo - ideal for motivation, sensitive dogs and fun in the water. 4FL = It´s flying, floating, floppy, flexible and unbelievably durable. It has been tested by professional disc dog players in Europe and the USA. 22 cm 16.25 14.20
Hero Xtra Distance SET 3 pc Show more Recommended Akce Hero Xtra Distance SET 3 pc 1 set = 3 discs Hero Xtra 235 Distance 20.63 20.00
Dogfrisbee od A do Z Show more Recommended  In stock Dogfrisbee od A do Z only in Czech language 12.10
Fastback frisbee Show more Fastback frisbee Perfect disc for freestyle. 23,5 cm from 4.10